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I'm sure you've looked at a ton of websites...and trust me, I know it can be overwhelming.  It means a lot to me that you are considering me as your photographer...

I could write an essay full of reasons as to why it's important to choose a professional photographer...

My style won't be a match for everyone...and that's ok.  I love warm, rich, deep tones, light and shadows, natural subdued tones and romantic natural colors & grains.  I shoot contemporary, photojournalistic, and moody, which means capturing love and life candidly and letting moments unfold naturally.  My perfect subjects are free-spirited, aren't afraid to be vulnerable, and will be open-minded to locations...which sometimes means hiking barefoot to remote locations.

I look for authentic interactions and honest emotions.  The real moments...make stunning photographs.  I will guide you to the most flattering light & looks...and give direction when it's called for, but in the end, there will always be some goofing around & good times...I'd like to think of myself essentially as...'a friend with a camera."

All of my collections include location scouting to fit the look and character of each of my clients determined by an included consultation to figure out who I am telling the story of.  Telling a story of who you truly important to me.  

Finally, the editing process.  This is why choosing a professional photographer is crucial....

All of my editing is done 100% in-house.  I don't trust anyone else with my work. I carefully hand craft each image by tweaking with artistic intention, skin smoothing & retouching, and apply timeless and romantic touches to ensure each and every one of your images is...just that...timeless...  



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